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Y2K is available in two formats for downloading, either as a Windows self-extracting ZIP file (105K) including full instructions and the registration form in HTML, ASCII and document formats or, if you don't have Windows 3.1,95,98 or NT, you can download just the Y2K program on it's own (67K). Either way, there is absolutely no charge and on a reasonable Internet connection it should take less than a minute to download.

European download U.S. download
Full suite including documentation (105k) Full suite including documentation (105k)
Tester program only (67k) Tester program only (67k)

If you choose to just download the program itself, your browser may ask whether you want to run the program from it's current location or save it to disk, in which case you should save it to disk. If you try running the program directly off the website it will work although you may receive a warning message from the browser that the program has not been digitally "signed". This is perfectly normal, as Y2K is not a Windows-specific application, and you can safely proceed.

Once you've downloaded Y2K, navigate to the folder which you downloaded it to using the Windows Explorer. Then just double-click the Y2K icon to test your PC for compliance.

If you have any difficulties or further questions, check out the "Frequently Asked Questions" page.

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